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Business Watch

Integrate your current alarm system with Business Watch for maximum security


Expand your security capabilities with United's Video Business Watch, a reliable and cost-effective way to monitor your business from anywhere at any time, even from your hand-held device. CCTV or IP addressable cameras can be placed anywhere in your business, indoors or outdoors.  


Video surveillance can improve your business efficiency and enhance your company‘s operations. The presence of surveillance cameras lets your employees know that business operations are monitored at all times and acts as a deterrent against internal theft.


Have multiple locations? Taking a vacation? Or maybe just in a meeting.  No need to be everywhere at all times. Let us be your “big brother”.  Like a virtual security guard, United's Certified Monitoring Station monitors your business 24/7 and alerts you and the authorities in the event of a security emergency. We provide you with real-time video images of your business as well as a video storage archive for reviewing footage at any time. Security alerts available through email or text making Business Watch as mobile as you are.


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