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New York’s Most Trusted Security Systems Provider

Emergency & Hold up systems

United's Hold-up & Panic System will summon the assistance you so urgently need.

United can design and install a Hold-up System to alert security and/or police in the event of an emergency. No job too big or small. Our Commercial hold-up systems protect your staff and your business. Residential panic button systems protect your family and your assets. Further enhance your security system with CCTV surveillance cameras and DVR video. With United’s Business Watch, a video record will be available for your local authorities.

United’s Business Watch system can streamline your security systems capabilities and help prevent internal/external theft. United’s trained Business Watch experts monitor and record your business and notify you and the authorities in the event of a security emergency.

Safe and Vault Protection Systems
Installation, maintenance and monitoring for banks and institutions requiring safes and vault room protection. UL Certification.
(United was the first company in New York to offer this new Line Integrity & Technology)
Internal Detection Devices
(photo-electric eyes, microwaves, dual-tech, passive infra-reds

*Silent Hold-Up Alert                     
*Ambush Alarm
*Cellular Backup
*Radio RF Telemetry
*Derived Channel


Our highly trained installation and service teams, our commitment to customer satisfaction