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Integrated Access Solutions


United offers a variety of Commercial & Residential Access Control Solutions. We tailor the system to your specific needs so you can control who has access to your property.  Our access systems are keyless, simplifying the way your business operates.

Access systems can be integrated with CCTV camera surveillance to further enhance your protection.  The presence of surveillance cameras lets your employees know that business operations are monitored at all times and acts as a deterrent against internal theft.  

Add United’s Video Business Watch to your access system and trust our certified monitoring experts to keep a close watch on your business 24/7 and notify the authorities of unauthorized access. You can’t physically be at your business at all times, but with United’s Business Watch you can view your business from anywhere by simply logging on to your video security network. Video camera footage can be viewed from your home computer, laptop, or any web-enabled hand-held device.

United has a complete security solution to meet your needs

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